Safran Turney Hospitality is owned by Chef Marcie Turney and Valerie Safran. The partners have been working since 2002 to help reinvent 13th Street in downtown Philadelphia. The pioneering duo's five restaurants and boutiques between Chestnut and Locust Streets have helped transform the once-desolate neighborhood into trendy Midtown Village. Chef Marcie leads the culinary team for the groups six restaurants: Barbuzzo, Lolita, Jamonera, Little Nonna's, Bud & Marilyn's and most recently, Loveluck.

Safran heads up all Front of House operations for the six restaurants and is the buyer for all products carried in their retail boutiques - Open House and Verde. As a team, she and Chef Turney are hands-on entrepreneurs who take genuine ownership of every aspect of their businesses, from the look and feel of the spaces to the products and menus that they offer to the service standards of the staff.